Georgia, has completed all the requirements for entering into force the Agreement with the European Patent Organisation on validation of European Patents (Validation Agreement). The Georgian Parliament has adopted corresponding amendments to the Patent Law of Georgia.

Validation of EPO Patents in Georgia

The ratification of the Validation Agreement by the parliament of Georgia completed the negotiation process between Georgia and the European Patent Office (EPO).

The conclusion of the Validation Agreement with the EPO is an important step for further development of the patent system in Georgia. It will strengthen the industrial property protection and facilitate fulfilment of the commitments under the Association Agreement between the European Union and Georgia and gradual integration of the economy of Georgia into the European market.

Currently, it is possible to obtain a patent for an invention in Georgia in two ways:

  1. Direct filing of a patent application with the Georgian IPO
  2. Through the Patent Cooperation Treaty filing; and now
  3. According to the amendments, the Patent Law of Georgia will provide for the third, faster and more cost-effective way of obtaining a patent protection by filing a European patent application and after grant validating in Georgia.

When will it come into effect – 2024?

Pursuant to the amendments to Patent Law, applicants will be able to validate European patents granted by the EPO in Georgia (even though Georgia is not a contracting state to the European Patent Convention (EPC)). European patents validated in Georgia will have the same legal effect as Georgian patents.

The specific date of entry into force of the Validation Agreement, will be announced after consultations between the Georgian side and the EPO. It is expected that this date will be 1st January 2024.