Company overview

The IP advice provided by the attorney working for Priority IP Ltd is based on a huge amount of direct scientific, commercial and private practice experience.

At Priority IP, we fully appreciates the broader commercial implications of IP rights having carried out a large number of IP DD assessments for example within the context of fund raising and investment planning such as stock market listing/IPO, and other transactional work, for example M&A, licensing and different research and development collaboration opportunities.

We are delighted to announce that European Patent Attorney, Dr Stoyan Radkov is now a fully registered representative before the Unified Patent Court (UPC). Owners of existing European patent rights such as pending EPO patent applications and granted EPO patents now have the unique opportunity to decide whether to opt out of the exclusive jurisdiction of the UPC. We strongly recommend that EPO patent rights owners do not delay the processing of opt-outs to avoid being locked into the new centralised system by default. We remain committed to working alongside our clients to deliver the best way forward. Please get in touch if you wish to discuss your patent strategy or if you have any questions about the new UPC.


We are scientifically and technically highly experienced to act in all areas of life sciences and biotechnology. We were involved at an early stage in pioneering developments in the life sciences field, such as dsRNA mediated repression of gene expression. From viral oncology to vaccines, from Abs to bio-similars, from lentiviruses as vectors for gene therapy to state of the art gene editing techniques such as CRISPR/CAS-9, we have the capability to intimately acquaint ourselves with your research, appreciate its potential and effectively protect your inventions, while providing commercially relevant IP advice and direction.

We draw on our intimate knowledge and experience of microbiological and biochemical fields acquired from many years of research experience in academia and bio-pharmaceutical industries.